Take a look through our gallery, and you’ll notice a common theme–simplicity! In this high-tech world of filters and after-effects, our goal is to highlight YOU as the center of our photograph’s attention.

Florida offers some of the world’s most incredible outdoor spaces, and light we get here is hard to even reproduce in studios. If you need a top-notch studio to craft digitally-designed specialty sessions I have some professional friends I would love to refer you to, but that’s not what we’re after here. You’ll see trees, grass, water, and beaches in most of our photos because our favorite thing is to capture your smile in the outdoor spaces you feel most at home. We’re always learning new techniques, and we’re open to reproducing elements of photos you’ve found for inspiration!

Before Retouching
After Retouching

While we love mother nature’s staging, we still use technology to our advantage. Our post-production process is detailed but restrained with editing practices based on natural rules we started out with. The focus is on balancing light, maximizing skin tones, optimizing highlights and lowlights, and playing with shading. We will downplay anything that might just be there because of bad timing (like pimples, bruises, objects in teeth, and even Floridian tan lines if you wish), but we’ll never disrespect you by altering your shape, size, or proportions. You’re fantastic just the way you are and making you look like you’ve just had a well-rested and enjoyable day is our priority.